17 Cake Decorators Who Absolutely Need To Find New Jobs

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If you’ve ever dealt with a horrific cake situation, you know that sinking feeling all too well.

It’s the one that comes along with giving out what you feel to be perfectly logical instructions that cake decorators promptly decide to ignore. Sure, we all make mistakes, but it’s always a little worse when your workplace snafus end up ruining someone else’s birthday or graduation.

Here are 17 cake decorators who might want to look into finding work elsewhere.

1. You have to love that Apple loyalty.

2. Yes?

3. Because why just use the graphic when you can include the entire file, text and all?

4. She handed this decorator a flash drive with the photo she wanted to use on it. This is what she got instead.

5. They got it wrong, and they didn’t even include the sprinkles!

6. I mean…I think the instructions were pretty clear, but maybe that’s just me.

7. The sad thing is that this could have been pretty cool.

8. She asked for a graduation cap. Graduation cat? Same thing.

9. My Spidey sense is definitely not tingling.

10. Someone clearly didn’t do well in Spanish class.

11. They missed what was probably a very understandable memo.

12. Even when people try to avoid these problems, they get played.

13. When that end-of-season soccer party gets real weird.

14. Following simple instructions? Nah. Nobody has time for that.

15. The truth will set you free.

16. Someone’s mind was in the gutter.

17. You done did it!

Even if you’re having a crappy day at work, just remember that you didn’t write about someone’s purple balls on their celebratory cake. Small victories, friends.

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