A Police Department Just Tweeted What They Found. And You Have To See It!

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Recently in Alblemarle County, Virginia, a call came into Animal Control about a small abandoned cage with a female cat and her 13 kittens. But because the department receives a whopping 250 animal control calls per month, officers don’t typically respond to calls involving cats, unless they’re sick or injured. However, Animal Control Officer Kim Maddox decided to make an exception for the stranded feline family and gallantly came to their aid. This small act of incredible kindness would have gone completely unnoticed, if the police department hadn’t of live tweeted the whole thing. The result? Amazing!

Someone had abandoned the cats to fend for themselves in this tiny cage.

Mom and several kittens were found looking a little worse for wear…

…so Officer Maddox scoured the area and scooped them up.

And she eventually found them all!


Some of the kittens looked very sick.


But soon enough they were doing mighty fine.

At the county’s local SPCA, the cats were given much-needed food and care…



Hopefully these guys will have loving homes in the near future.


O.M.G. I love this police officer. Thank goodness there are people like her on the force, willing to do amazing acts of kindness. Just remember though, for every time you hear about something like this, they’ve likely gone un-thanked a million times before. So please spread their amazing story below and give them the praise they deserve. Source: AlbemarleCoPD Twitter

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