Amanda Marcotte: High school senior sexually harassed Miss America

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Despite being warned by school officials not to, senior Patrick Farves used a visit by Miss America Nina Davuluri to Central York High School to ask her to the prom. Sure, it might have been awkward, but was it sexual harassment? Amanda Marcotte — at one time John Edwards’ blogmaster  — says yes.!/esjurso/status/458277482769440768!/avdepaul/status/458280506807685120

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Still the question is unanswered. How is this Sexual Harassment?
This is awkward, yes, harassment, no.— Vincent's Verstandsk (@VerstandskiesK) April 21, 2014!/AmandaMarcotte/status/458355727439249408

That’s why.!/NatesMama1128/status/458425709632159744!/BigMcLrgHuge/status/458426244044832769!/kankokage/status/458426592306282496!/redsteeze/status/458424850487734272!/redsteeze/status/458426541253623808!/redsteeze/status/458428631615029248


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