Baltimore beating video sparks outrage on Twitter!/mpejko/status/189173745708056576

A video circulating around the Internet shows a crowd laughing as a white man is beat up, robbed and stripped naked outside of a Baltimore courthouse.

Many believe the beating would have received more attention if the crowd had been white and the victim had been black:

Don't imagine there will be any "marches" for this guy, will there? via @theblaze

— COGoddess ™ (@coloradorebecca) April 9, 2012

Where's Obama and Sharpton? #tcot

— Chase Lindley (@chaselindley) April 9, 2012

If this guy were black, Jesse and Al and all the other race baiters would be up in arms. Instead? SILENCE! Hypocrites!

— Dane Basch (@dlbasch) April 8, 2012!/TPO_Hisself/status/189039442202337280

Several Twitter users argued that the incident vindicates John Derbyshire’s controversial article warning his children to be suspicious of black people:

The tourist that got beat up in Baltimore would agree "The Talk: The Nonblack Version." (The writer got fired.)"

— Chris (@FeedtheWeird) April 8, 2012

@RichLowry I comprehend the PC decision to fire Derbyshire, but do you have a reaction to what he practically predicted in Baltimore?

— Phil Schoen (@PhilSchoen) April 8, 2012

@jimgoad I reckon the guy in the green shirt is not John Derbyshire's son:

— Carl Brandt (@CarlBrandt) April 7, 2012

At least one Twitter user replied that the events in Baltimore lend no support to Derbyshire’s views:

If you think what happened in Baltimore somehow makes Derbyshire right, you need serious help. And don't follow me or talk to me.

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) April 8, 2012

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