Boston goes Ballistic: Red Sox nation calling for Bobby Valentine’s job!/OldManRaymond/status/191896608030466048

It only took two weeks for Red Sox nation to hate their new manager Bobby Valentine.

During the weekend Valentine questioned third baseman Kevin Youkilis’ physical and emotional commitment and those comments did not go over well with the team or fans.

Its pretty obvious that Bobby Valentine isnt the right manager for red sox, doesnt understand the type of players they are #badchoice #prick

— Cole World (@cole_dcsr) April 16, 2012!/oricchiol/status/191897105051295744

Is bobby valentine an idiot?

— David Langlois (@djlanglois93) April 16, 2012

Is bobby valentine an idiot?

— David Langlois (@djlanglois93) April 16, 2012

I'm really not a fan of Bobby Valentine. Coaches are supposed to make things easier for players, not be drama llamas themselves. #RedSox

— Mollie Katie (@molliekatie) April 16, 2012

Bobby Valentine is a goddamned clown. I hope Kevin Youkilis hits a grand slam then breaks the bat over Valentine's head. #RedSox

— Nippy (@Nippy) April 16, 2012

Im sorry but Bobby Valentine gotta go.. Dont like him as a Red Sox coach at all #RedSoxNation #Redsox

— Roy Bourdierd (@BeenFr3sh) April 16, 2012

This Bobby Valentine drama is interesting…and were only two weeks in!

— Bryan M. Vance (@BryanMVance) April 16, 2012

If Bobby Valentine's goal was to take the attention off his players and onto him then he is doing an amazing job!

— Jeremy Herr (@jherrdog) April 16, 2012

Bobby Valentine makes me long for Grady Little. Okay, that's not true. Still, this guy sucks.

— jrebello21 (@justinreb21) April 16, 2012

Not going to start making Red Sox tweets just because it's baseball season, but for the record: Bobby Valentine is a piece of crap.

— Jay King (@ByJayKing) April 16, 2012

Bobby Valentine is a virus, a plague, and I knew it was a bad hire the moment it happened. This is on the owners. #redsox #firebobbyv

— Nick Maestas (@nmaestas) April 16, 2012

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