Caller to talk show claims to be Patterico’s SWATter!/Patterico/status/207037779295744000

The caller laughed at me for having been swatted and laughed at Michelle Malkin because her cousin is missing.

— Patterico (@Patterico) May 28, 2012

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I was on a podcast with Lee Stranahan last night about Kimberlin and the swattings. You can hear it here.

A person claiming to be my swatter called in twice to the show: once at 50:18 and again at about 65 minutes in. I was on the show and the person claiming to be the swatter addressed me directly, twice. He called me “buddy,” mocked me for having been swatted, laughed at me repeatedly, and mocked Michelle Malkin for the situation where her cousin is missing. He asked me what it was like to be swatted, and absurdly claimed that he was present that night, watching me led out in handcuffs.

It was like some awful B movie you see on the USA Network late at night.

Was it really the SWATter? Or was it just a hoaxer with a twisted sense of humor? Twitter users are divided:

@michellemalkin @stranahan @patterico Slime or copyslime?

— Alan Katzen (@AlanKatzen) May 28, 2012

This aint the guy @Patterico @Stranahan @Liberty_Chick #BrettKimberlin

— Gary Eaton (@garysteveneaton) May 28, 2012

@Patterico @michellemalkin I don't think it was your caller. Just some lib schmuck smart enough to follow story, but still stupidly liberal

— RokShox ن (@cshenkel) May 28, 2012

@Liberty_Chick @patterico @stranahan i mean, the voices pretty much match up totally. Im no audio expert but..its pretty obvious.

— ron mcmanus (@ronmcmanusnj) May 28, 2012

Either way, the caller is a sicko.

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