Explosion rocks power plant in Georgia


Something in Euharlee just shook the whole house.

— Larry Cothran (@amarketingbeast) April 4, 2013

CBS Atlanta is reporting that emergency crews have responded to an explosion at Plant Bowen in Euharlee, Ga. The coal-fired power plant is owned by Georgia Power.

BREAKING: City of Euharlee confirms that emergency crews are responding to an explosion at Plant Bowen.

— FOX 5 Atlanta (@FOX5Atlanta) April 4, 2013

They’re sayingeither a turbine or boiler exploded at Plant Bowen

— Caleb Whisler (@caleb_whisler) April 4, 2013

BREAKING: Reports of an explosion at Plant Bowen in Bartow County. Injuries reported. Looks to be a HAZMAT situation.

— Eden Godbee (@edengodbee) April 4, 2013

Plant Bowen second largest generating plant in the Western Hemishpere georgiapower.com/docs/about-us/… @georgiapower

— Brooks Blanton (@brooksblanton) April 4, 2013

@catiecamron yeah my mom jut got off the phone with the Euharlee police. Someone hurt/might be dead. Ambulance are there now.

— Maddie Connell (@iamronburgundy4) April 4, 2013

Praying for all those at Plant Bowen today. #explosion

— Heather Motes (@hdmotes) April 4, 2013




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Update: Here’s some amazing news. The explosion might have shaken houses in the area, but Georgia Power says only one employee suffered a minor injury.

Georgia Power tells @nbcnews there is one minor injury from Plant Bowen explosion. All employees accounted for. #ATL

— Edgar Zuniga Jr. (@edgarzuniga) April 4, 2013

Plant Bowen update: All employees accounted for after explosion, no serious injuries; 1 employee w/ minor injury.

— Georgia Power (@GeorgiaPower) April 4, 2013

Plant Bowen coal unit 2 was being brought down for a maintenance outage when explosion took place. No serious injuries, 1 minor injury.

— Georgia Power (@GeorgiaPower) April 4, 2013

Praise to God there was only one minor injury at Plant Bowen! His hand was for sure over the workers and their families.

— Ashton Cooper (@_AshtonLizabeth) April 4, 2013

everyone at plant Bowen is okay 🙂 only a few injuries #thankgod

— amelia (@amelia_grace_) April 4, 2013

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