Greta Van Susteren wants Fox News’ Mike Emanuel to get a dog [photos]!/gretawire/status/361301219991486464

Fox News’ Greta Van Susteren’s attempt to convince her colleague Mike Emanuel that his kids need a puppy began with this tweet:!/gretawire/status/361287197883768832

Rep. Jason Chaffetz had also tweeted the picture:!/jasoninthehouse/status/361259989064613888

A Fox News production assistant was immediately swept under by the cute-a-lanche:!/AshleyKoerber/status/361288129979752449

At that point, Fox News’ Mike Emanuel, under apparent pressure from his kids to get a dog, vowed to keep that photo to himself:!/MikeEmanuelFox/status/361299076630851585

Bob Cusack of The Hill made a prediction about an addition to the Emanuel household:!/BobCusack/status/361301023026974720

Cusack spoke from experience:!/BobCusack/status/361310887182745601

The countdown clock to Mike Emanuel’s kids getting a dog has started.

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