Gwen Stefani Gave This Couple The Best Engagement Story Ever

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“After our first date I sent her Gwen’s song, ‘Real Thing,’ because I knew that I was all in.”

1. Janette Cortez met Monica Miller on a dating website nearly four years ago.

Janette Cortez for BuzzFeed

“On our first date the song ‘The Sweet Escape’ was playing at the restaurant we were having dinner,” Cortez told BuzzFeed. “After our first date I sent her Gwen’s song, ‘Real Thing,’ because I knew that I was all in.”

2. When Gwen Stefani announced a surprise concert at the Oprheum on February 7 to promote her upcoming solo album, Cortez knew she had to take Miller.

Araya Diaz / Getty Images

After Gwen announced a solo show at The Orpheum, she gave fans a chance to win the opportunity the attend the concert. You had to read clues on Twitter to find locations in Los Angeles where someone would be waiting with tickets.

“I saw the contest on Twitter I kept refreshing the twitter page. It must have been around 2pm when the first clue of the second location was tweeted,” Cortez said. “I literally got out of my chair, locked my computer, and bolted out of my office. I didn’t tell anyone, I just left, plus, this is one of the perks of having a boss who works in New York.”

3. Cortez got to the Orpheum first and managed to snag two tickets.

Mike Windle / Getty Images

“I had been waiting to find the most memorable way to do [propose]. I always thought a flash mob would be the way to go, but it ended up being done in an epic way, at the Orpheum knowing that Gwen was there watching us.”

4. Cortez proposed to Miller just before the concert began.

Janette Cortez for BuzzFeed

5. During her set, Stefani gave a shout out to the contest winners.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

When she discovered Miller wasn’t sitting in the front row, she brought her down — that’s when Stefani realized that the winners had just gotten engaged at her concert.

6. Stefani brought Cortez and Miller on stage to congratulate them.

Mike Windle / Getty Images

7. Even Jack Nicholson, in attendance at the concert, was on hand to join the audience in a standing ovation.

Christopher Polk / Getty Images

8. As she wrapped up the concert, Gwen treated Cortez, Miller, and the rest of her fans to a new song, “Let’s Start a War” (penned by Sia).

“Gwen has provided us an awesome soundtrack to our story,” Cortez said.

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