Happy St. Pat’s! Reagan Girl celebrates with Irish-themed Mad Libs®


Go there and play.

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34 million Americans have Irish ancestry and that is almost nine times the population of Ireland which has 4.1 million people.

— Aron (@aron_facts) March 17, 2012

Ireland sober is Ireland stiff. -James Joyce

— Jen Deaderick (@jendeaderick) March 17, 2012

Here's a video of the Horslips playing Dearg Doom, back in their hippie prog Celtic rock days: http://t.co/EMzwqKwH Enjoy St Pat's Day.

— Maura McHugh (@splinister) March 17, 2012

A fine old tradition for St Pat's – dyeing the Chicago River green: http://t.co/3kVECzzm

— Lorelei King (@LoreleiKing) March 17, 2012

Pls don’t drink & drive on St. Pat’s Day weekend. Pick a desig. driver or visit http://t.co/ah45qFeo 2 see if AAA has programs in your area

— Member Relations (@AAACares) March 16, 2012

Éirinn go Brách: Inside The Dublin Guinness Brewery – Business Insider – http://t.co/rALHfNVH

— D. Steven White (@dstevenwhite) March 17, 2012

Book of Kells ~ Part I ~ documentary http://t.co/KrOwz9AW

— Ginny (@ginthegin) March 17, 2012

My St Pat's Day speech caused me to write a limerick for QLD election. General response: stick to my day job http://t.co/mfoMtdV6 KRudd

— Kevin Rudd (@MrKRudd) March 17, 2012

Just in time for St. Pat’s Day, @DrewDaywalt discusses the making of ‘Leprechaun’s Revenge’: http://t.co/k6Eqj6XS http://t.co/LH89M7pY

— FEARNET (@FEARNET) March 16, 2012


It's st pat's day. Pay me respect.

— plainpat (@plainpat) March 17, 2012

HAPPY ST. PAT’s DAY!: THIS IS ONE OF MY FAVORITE DAYS — yes, I know, my last name sure does not hint that I migh… http://t.co/5QZ7wsw3

— Greta Van Susteren (@gretawire) March 17, 2012

Hmmm. “Fongul” doesn’t seem very Irish.

My piece on the gay ban at NYC's St Pat's parade: http://t.co/91Hc4sdl

— Richard J Conway (@RichardJConway) March 16, 2012

Happy St Patrick's Day. Here's my St Pat's Day piece in the Irish Echo: http://t.co/KFkZtAwD

— Chris Bowen (@Bowenchris) March 16, 2012

Just in time for St. Pat's. Pistachio cupcakes with pistachio buttercream. Jump on the pistachio train with us! http://t.co/E30M9vho ~MJ

— KingArthurFlour (@KingArthurFlour) March 16, 2012

Hope you're all enjoying St. Pat's day, or as I prefer to call it, 'two weeks to new #GameofThrones Eve'

— Dave Callan (@davecallantwit) March 17, 2012

St Patrick’s Day video round up: oldies but goodies http://t.co/2gjIYuxf

— Kathy Shaidle (@kshaidle) March 17, 2012

11 Beers You Should Try on St. Pat's http://t.co/nITkFkJd

— vexnews (@vexnews) March 17, 2012

Well, that seems a bit much, but . . . okay.

Counterpoint: Don’t pinch me. I’m Irish.

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