Here Are 30 Very Good Reasons Why You Should Weep For The Current State Of Journalism.

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Journalism is a noble profession, it’s hard to argue with that. You need to have a noble soul to actually choose lousy hours, terrible pay, and dealing with angry people as a career. Sadly all is not well in the world of journalism. Here are 30 reasons why.

1.) Greetings Mr. Sandwich.

2.) She has no idea does she…

3.) The fail here is that’s a picture of a same sex couple with an article about gender inequality. Oh Fox News.

4.) I’d be a bit insulted if I were her.

5.) Who hasn’t?

6.) This fail is almost too epic.

7.) As opposed to what?

8.) I guess this is technically correct, but utterly unhelpful.

9.) Well ok then.

10.) Local news interns.

11.) Umm, something’s not quite right here.

12.) Looks more like a vampire to me.

13.) Live from our Mars news crew.

14.) It really tied the room together.

15.) Of course you could, but would you want to?

16.) *Face palm*

17.) I’d also be unhappy about that.

18.) That picture. Freaky as hell.

19.) Terrorizing the neighborhood.

20.) #JediLife.

21.) Maybe they’re describing the suspect?

22.) I too speak gibberish.

23.) He still plays golf?

24.) A firing is needed.

25.) Me too.

26.) I’d still be afraid to watch that video.

27.) Someone call the FCC.

28.) Hide your kids, hide your wife.

29.) My brain hurts…so much fail.

30.) Disappointing. The suspense was killing me.

(H/T: Buzzfeed) Journalism is dead. Long live journalism. Make sure to share this post by clicking below.

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