Hollywood hypocrite: Video roasts gun control nut Carrey over movie violence



Hi @jimcarrey.Please go back to using your ass to talk instead of talking out of your ass. Thanks!

— Ben Howe (@BenHowe) March 24, 2013

Alas, actor Jim Carrey isn’t heeding that sage advice. As Twitchy reported, he took to Twitter yesterday to hawk his new song, “Cold Dead Hand,” by calling gun owners “heartless motherf*ckers.” No word yet if that includes his own bodyguards or not.

Caleb Bonham decided to show Carrey’s unbelievable hypocrisy in all its glory. And it is beautiful.

@twitchyteam you need to see a funny video of Jim Carrey’s Hypocrisy. Video clips begin around 23 seconds: youtube.com/watch?v=9pZBVd…

— Caleb Bonham (@CalebBonham) March 25, 2013

And @calebbonham wastes no time calling @jimcarrey on his hypocritical nonsense: youtube.com/watch?v=9pZBVd…

— Kemberlee Kaye (@red_red_head) March 25, 2013

The fabulous Nick Searcy of “Justified” weighs in.

The @calebbonham asks the brave @jimcarrey: does your art imitate your life?youtube.com/watch?v=9pZBVd…

— nick searcy (@yesnicksearcy) March 25, 2013


So…how much of a hypocrite is @jimcarey? @calebbonham let’s Jim speak for himself: youtu.be/9pZBVdfAMsw (start 23sec. in)

— Sara Johnson (@SaraFeed) March 25, 2013

@calebbonham @dloesch @jimcarreySounds as though someone is ‘bitterly clinging’ to a fading career.

— Lori (@lorisaine) March 25, 2013

Bitterly clinging indeed. More Twitter users point out Mr. Carrey’s epic hypocrisy.

Separation of church & state? We’re better off with separation of hypocrite actors & politics. *cough*… @jimcarrey #GunsOKForMoviesOnly

— MichelleInCal(@MichelleInCAL) March 25, 2013

@jimcarrey meanwhile, 50 million babies aborted since Roe. Shutup u hypocrite. U dont care about the kids. Nice try, playing the Piers card.

— Jennifur Kat (@Jennyruskie) March 25, 2013

Hmmm… looks like a typical Hollywood hypocrite profiting on gun violence to me @josepheach @dloesch @jimcarrey

— ^SheeP*DawG^ (@Sheep_Dog46) March 25, 2013

@jimcarrey How dare you denigrate those of us who disagree with your views on guns. Where is your tolerance?Ur a hypocrite & a fool

— Kate Logsdon (@cajunkate) March 25, 2013

@jimcarrey yeah, remind me I should listen 2 u the next time ur bodyguards get u safe fm 1 place 2 another. #hypocrite

— Laura R. Charron (@ConchoQueen) March 24, 2013

When I was a kid I thought @jimcarrey was hilarious. Too bad he’s just anotherHollywood hypocrite. Not so funny anymore,just typical.

— .38Special_Lady (@AmandaM579) March 24, 2013

Hey @jimcarrey Why are you such a hypocrite?#AnswerTheQuestionJim

— Gary Barber (@GaryEBarber) March 25, 2013

@jimcarrey how many guns have you had in your movies exactly? #hypocrite #BadExample

— joshua wade (@HenryHill25401) March 25, 2013

Hi .@jimcarrey makes millions on new violent movies while advocating no guns for Americans. Elitist hypocrite much? #AnswerTheQuestionJim

— Cowgirl Amy (@cowgirlgrfx) March 25, 2013

And an exit question:

Let’s play “Who’s the Biggest Hypocrite?”Our contestants tonight are @jimcarrey and @piersmorgan. Take your time. Aaaaand go.

— Ashley Lynn (@AshuhLeee_Lynn) March 25, 2013

Oh dear. This might take a while.

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2013/03/25/hollywood-hypocrite-video-roasts-gun-control-nut-jim-carrey-over-movie-violence/

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