Jason Alexander: I suspect that shifty Mormon Romney is stiffing his church


The Hollywood Left’s bigotedMormons are badline of attack continues to backfire. So actor Jason Alexander has proposed a new theory for the “reality-based” Left to run with: Mitt Romney is a bad Mormon.

Oh, and if the Mormons find out Romney’s squirreling away his cash? “Damn Dog, it’s on!”

Not a peep from Alexander and his ilk about how the campaigner in chief fiddled with “Jay and Bey,” Pimp with a Limp and David Letterman as American embassies in the Middle East burn. Not a whisper about President Obama skipping intelligence briefings in the days leading up to the murder of four Americans in Libya. Not a word of outrage from the Hollywood Left when the Obama administration repeatedly acted to chill the free speech of a filmmaker.

But never mind all that, because … Alexander Theory™.


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