Maine’s Legendary Giant Snake Just Made Another Appearance

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This summer has been eventful for the residents of Westbrook, Maine. Since late June, residents have been catching glimpses here and there of a snake some say is as long as an 18 wheeler. While no one has been able to get close enough to the serpent to figure out what kind of snake it is, locals know that it’s a big one.

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They call her “Wessie,” and one recent discovery has only fanned the flames of her stardom.

After briefly falling out of the spotlight in early August, all eyes were back on Wessie after this rather large snakeskin was discovered along Maine’s Presumpscot River earlier in the week.

So far, this image is the best physical evidence they have. All reports leading up to this were either eyewitness testimonies or blurry photographs.

While it’s a little difficult to determine Wessie’s exact size from her old skin, it’s safe to assume that whatever left this behind is massive.

Further fueling the Wessie fire, one local spotted a huge snake going for a swim in the river. Could this be the town’s slithery celebrity?

(via Week In Weird)

Whether or not there’s actually a 10-foot snake stalking Westbrook, there is certainly something freaky lurking in the wilderness. With a few more months of warm weather to go, residents had better keep their eyes peeled for Wessie.

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