Media mirage? Attkisson, Tammy Bruce slam media with pic of the day!/SharylAttkisson/status/361306997678825472

Glorious. Fierce warrior for truth Sharyl Attkisson slammed media lapdogs as only she can.

Radio host and author Tammy Bruce was also tickled by the hilarious photo.!/HeyTammyBruce/status/361307589839040512

The tweet has been retweeted over a hundred times and counting.!/KlangLouisville/status/361324059750957057

Ding, ding, ding!!/stevesimpson376/status/361343131817492480!/ConnsBabyDoll/status/361328412142469121!/Robin621k/status/361310835139805184!/Sagoon2/status/361308130992340993!/WildBillBaldwin/status/361312462575906819!/DormanJoel/status/361307349035651073

Amen. Keep fighting for truth, Ms. Attkisson. You are doing the job many others in the media don’t want to do.


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