Muslims angrily respond to Obama’s Ramadan greeting: ‘Hypocrite,’ ‘Hitler’!/1Love1WorldPMnC/status/354443663348219906

As Muslims around the world celebrate the beginning of Ramadan, some are taking to social media to criticize Obama’s Ramadan greeting.!/BarackObama/status/354414362888388610

At issue is the forced feeding of Guantanamo Bay detainees during Ramadan fasting, as well as drone strikes in the Middle East that continue to erode the supposed good will that this president was supposed to inspire in the Muslim world.!/_Palestinianism/status/354426056133967872!/Assadk/status/354431530006880256!/sherhasBIGhair/status/354433906352726017!/Hamed7_/status/354439040956768256!/ArarMaher/status/354386544934653952!/saraahbaybee/status/354454719432900609

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