No Matter What You Think Of Homosexuality, What This Airline Did Is Absurd.

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Jetstar, an Australia-based airline, is investigating an incident that recently took place with a customer’s luggage. A man that goes by the name of Aaron was picking up his luggage at Perth Airport over the weekend and, upon getting to Jetstar’s baggage claim, saw this on his bag:

“I am gay” was spelled across his luggage with the airline’s stickers. He tweeted a picture of the luggage, saying “Utterly disgusted to find my luggage front and center on the @JetstarAirways luggage carousel looking like this.” It was been retweeted hundreds of times.

“We are taking this matter very seriously and we have contacted the passenger to apologize for any distress caused,†a spokesperson from the airline told

Aaron wrote more in-depth about his experience on his blog:

My suitcase was the first bag on the carousel. The entire flight’s passengers were shoulder-to-shoulder looking for their bags and I’m pretty sure that most people would’ve seen mine rattling along the rollers. I saw a big red case approaching and excused my way through the throng in order to retrieve it. I noticed some white bits on the side and turned back, apologizing to the people who I had just pushed passed. “False alarm,†I said to one gent. Then I realized that it actually was my bag and that the white bits were the sign you see in the image above.

I plucked the suitcase off the carousel and had many eyes look me up and down. I was taken aback by the slogan but thought I had thick enough skin to ignore the leering. My connecting flight was about to board so I had to speed through the terminal to check in with Qantas. As I dragged the case through the terminal, I looked back at the people I had passed and they too looked at me differently. My luggage was a scarlet letter.

The Jetstar employee responsible for this should feel ashamed. We will update this post when Jetstar determines how this happened.


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