No umbrella for you: DNC disenfranchises umbrella holders!/rickklein/status/243007754619469824

Oh, dear! ABC’s Rick Klein had his umbrella confiscated today at the DNC in Charlotte, N.C. It looks like there is a pattern of umbrella suppression!

Is confiscating all our umbrellas some secret bipartisan plot to boost the umbrella industry? #RNC2012 #DNC2012

— Jessica Taylor (@JessicaTaylor) September 4, 2012

@rickklein The good news is that given the rate of confiscation, #DNC2012 has started a de facto umbrella sharing program.

— Matt Ferraguto (@MattFerraguto) September 4, 2012

Who will think of the umbrella holders? WHO? Clearly, they are needed in Charlotte right now.

I think I see my umbrella RT @Chris_Moody: James Taylor in the pouring rain at DNC 2012

— Monica Talan (@monitalan) September 3, 2012

Allison Kelly, a reporter with The Nation, discovers even more confiscation and disenfranchisement!

#DNC banned items include frisbees, umbrellas, tripods, and inflatable balls

— allisonkilkenny (@allisonkilkenny) September 4, 2012

But rain RT @allisonkilkenny: So in theory, one could legally be arrested or detained for carrying an umbrella a mile away from a #DNC venue

— Domo Calrissian (@GoogleDom) September 4, 2012

RT @Erek_Smith: obviously only two types of people carry umbrellas…hippies and Mary Poppins. Both should be arrested at the DNC.

— allisonkilkenny (@allisonkilkenny) September 4, 2012

Well, hippies. But how dare they marginalize Mary Poppins.

Perhaps each umbrella just needs to show a form of photo ID.

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