Normal Gifs Are Great, But Broken Gifs Are The Stuff Of Nightmares

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As if the popularity of gifs didn’t already make you feel like you were behind the times, there’s now a whole new genre of web-based art that takes things to a creepy new level.

Like guitarists distort sound with amps and pedals, broken gif enthusiasts distort pixels. Pieces of frames are strategically moved to create an effect that makes it look like the subject’s sense of reality is shattering around them. What I’m telling you is that broken gifs are like regular gifs on LSD.

1. The classic “screaming into oblivion” gif.

2. Tomat-nooooo!!!

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3. “Mild” indeed.

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4. Ah, the new enemy of the human race gets the broken gif treatment, too.

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5. This is me when I’m watching the Redskins play.

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6. Nicolas Cage is a common subject for broken gifs…for obvious reasons.

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7. Always watching…

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8. This is what healthy food does to my body.

9. Boo!

10. To be fair, I think Jim Carrey’s face is the original broken gif.

11. Davos Seaworth may be missing fingertips, but in this gif, he has plenty of arms.

12. The world is a terrible place.

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13. Regardless of your political leanings, you can’t deny that Trump looks like Voldemort here.

14. “I just had sex and it felt so good!”

15. The sea is glitchy today!

16. He almost looks like he’s sad about his face melting.

17. Wait for it…

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18. Beauty and the beast.

19. I feel like you wouldn’t have much control over this thing.

20. Me after looking at all of these.

Broken gifs are wildly popular on Reddit, where the brokengifs subreddit has over 40,000 active users. If you’re ever feeling too stable, spend a couple hours clicking through that nonsense.

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