One Mom’s Take On School Theme Days Is Hilarious And Spot On

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It’s so hard for parents and children to get ready in the morning.

Once you have a routine down, changes to that routine can really throw a wrench in the gears. Theme weeks at school can be especially time consuming, because not only do kids have to dress up in a specific way, but parents often have to go out and buy new clothes and materials that fit the bill.

Mom Melissa Radke, who regularly posts her hilarious takes on being a woman and parent to Facebook, decided to talk about the Drug and Alcohol Awareness Week requirements for her daughter.

Radke jokes that the goal isn’t to prevent drug and alcohol use, but instead “to drive moms crazy with different outfits every single day.”

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Of course, it’s adorable to have children dress up each day, but schools should think about the burden it also places on parents who are left scrambling!

(via Scary Mommy)

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