Piers Morgan wants to hear your pitches for #PiersMorganMovies


With CNN’s “Piers Morgan Tonight” dominating the cable news ratings night after night, it’s unlikely that Morgan will make the move to the big screen his fans have been demanding. (That was sarcasm, by the way; we thought we’d point it out since Musket Morgan has trouble with that concept.) Americans who can’t get enough of a British citizen lecturing them on Constitutional rights can only dream of these #PiersMorganMovies that will never be made.

#PiersMorganMovies Fools Coming to America

— Radioman (@Bowman1) December 20, 2012

#PiersMorganMovies The Last Girlie Man

— Søren Kierkegaard (@WGlibrarian) December 20, 2012

#PiersMorganMovies The Wrong Stuff

— Kathy Ann (@AnnKateri04) December 20, 2012

@breittwit1 #PiersMorganMovies True Twit

— XEKE (@xekedotcom) December 20, 2012

#PiersMorganMovies The Pea Shootist

— Magistratus (D) (@HughWystan) December 20, 2012

#PiersMorganMovies It Came From Planet Asshat

— The Fight Is On (D) (@jonzies) December 20, 2012

#PiersMorganMoviesFull Metal Jackass

— Dave Somethinorother (@Dehneh1) December 20, 2012

#PiersMorganMovies “Wanker.”

— ★♥ Harriet Baldwin ♥ (@HarrietBaldwin) December 20, 2012

#PiersMorganMovies The Man With the Golden Slingshot

— Nathan Wurtzel (@NathanWurtzel) December 20, 2012

No Country for Whiny British Men #PiersMorganMovies

— Michael Deppisch (@deppisch) December 20, 2012

#PiersMorganMovies 10 Things I Hate About the American Constitution

— Holly Renee (@hollyR_J) December 20, 2012

#PiersMorganMovies Diary of a Wimpy Kid’s Wimpy Un-Armed Father

— August West (@freestaterevolt) December 20, 2012

The Assassination of Common Sense by that Coward Piers Morgan #PiersMorganMovies

— Jay Caruso (@jaycaruso) December 20, 2012

Say Anything #PiersMorganMovies

— Rabbi Jason Miller (@RabbiJason) December 20, 2012

Normally we ask Twitchy readers to keep ‘em coming, but we’ll leave that to a professional.

Highly amused by #piersmorganmovies – keep them coming.

— Piers Morgan (@piersmorgan) December 20, 2012

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