Post-Newtown insanity: LIBOR-Newtown-Aurora conspiracy theory spreads!/radicalhearts/status/280567287029841920

Adam Lanza & Batman theater shooterhave common denominators.Both their fathers to testify in US Senate hearings about the Libor scandal.

— Trooper753 (@trooper753) December 17, 2012

The latest cockamamie plot floating around the Internet that the Aurora movie theater shooting and Newtown school massacre were somehow tied to the LIBOR financial scandal. Both far-left and far-right websites are screaming “staged shooting” and asserting that the fathers of the shooters were targeted because they were both set to “testify” before the U.S. Senate about the global bank fraud scandal.

@realalexjones Libor scandal grows as the fathers of two mass murderers were to testify – National (cont)

— *GN* (@_NEWELL_GARY_) December 17, 2012

Libor scandal grows as the fathers of two mass murderers were to testify… via @examinercom

— Another Lew Rockwell (@PlanetRockwell) December 17, 2012

Both father of Conn school shooter AND father of Colo theater shooter were to testify in #LIBOR banking scandal…

— Hyenine 666 (@liposuctor) December 17, 2012

The father of the Aurora Co. shooter and the father of the Newtown kid were both set to testify in the LIBOR Scandal trial.. Google it!

— HEƦU (@HERUDUB) December 17, 2012

If you follow all the links back and forth on Twitter and in the blogosphere, you will run around in a nutty Internet circle and find the same hysterical article claiming that the Robert Holmes, father of James Holmes, and Peter Lanza, father of Adam Lanza, were  knee-deep in the scandal and about to blow the whistle on…something or other.

But there is nothing — NOTHING — to substantiate the sensational claims.

Weirdest thing I’ve heard in a while: the fathers of both the Aurora and Newtown shooters were set to testify about the LIBOR scandal.

— Ian (@atavistian) December 17, 2012

@adamcurry Listening to show #470. In the next show will you adress the issue of the fathers of the killers Sandy/Aurora involved in Libor?

— loveluckliberty (@loveluckliberty) December 17, 2012

Just look at the websites spreading the bullcrap. Think, people.


I want to se the subpoena, testimony, court dates, or any evidence that both fathers were to testify in LIBOR.

— Future Forward (@FORWARD_future) December 17, 2012

When tragedy strikes, you can always count on three types of cretins to swarm in: media vultures, Westboro hate-mongers, and conspiracy theorists. A pox on all their houses.

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