Psychic Sylvia Browne slammed for declaring Amanda Berry dead!/andersoncooper/status/331889478065090560

Among the saddest stories surrounding the rescue of Amanda Berry and two other women in Cleveland, Ohio, is the fact that Berry’s mother passed away without knowing that her daughter was still alive. During a TV appearance in 2004, psychic Sylvia Browne told Louwana Miller that her daughter was “in heaven and on the other side.” Miller died a year later of heart failure, though relatives say she died from a broken heart.

@sylvia_browne Also, what is your response to those who criticized your saying to Amanda’s mother that her daughter was dead?

— fox8news (@fox8news) May 7, 2013

Our prediction? Browne won’t have a lot to say until comments like these blow over — and these are the nicer ones.

Horrible Person Award to @sylvia_browne for incorrectly predicting Amanda Berry was dead. Hope the ratings were worth it @montel_williams

— Lou Melgarejo (@loumelgarejo) May 7, 2013

Hi @sylvia_browne, mate. I’m confused. You told Amanda Berry’s family she was dead. What happened, you horrible old grief-devouring fraud?

— Stuart Millard (@franticplanet) May 7, 2013

I predict @sylvia_browne ‘s mascara will be running like Tammy Faye Baker’s when she apologizes in primetime

— Fred from Brooklyn (@FredBrooklyn) May 7, 2013

@sylvia_browne congrats on stealing a mothers will to live.Hope the money was worth it you fraudulent parasite.

— Daisy Chainsaw (@WastedDaisy) May 7, 2013

@sylvia_browne Used to love U – now since Amanda Berry – not so much. Stop breaking hearts. It is wrong & it hurts parents of missing kids.

— DRNash (@DRNashAuthor) May 7, 2013

@sylvia_browne please #apologize by taking an oath to never use your ‘psychic’ powers again. I think enough families have been hurt.

— Jess Allen (@ye5_j355) May 7, 2013

As of this tweet, @sylvia_browne has 36,599 followers. Let’s see that number drastically reduce. #UnfollowSylvia #RT…

— Dan D. (@fakewindow) May 7, 2013

Thanks @sylvia_browne for proving what rational people already knew, that all psychics are vultures who pray on vulnerable people with BS.

— krull1981 (@krull1981) May 7, 2013

Con artist and despicable human being @sylvia_browne psychologically abused Amanda Berry’s mother.

— Craig Good (@clgood) May 7, 2013

Apparently the “psychic” @sylvia_browne told the mother she was dead. You are a scam artist & don’t deserve to breathe the same air as I do.

— Ryan Pesta (@rpesta) May 7, 2013

In breaking news; psychic @sylvia_browne turns out to be a massive fraud and a despicable human being. But she probably saw that coming.

— MarkJohnston388 (@MarkJohnston388) May 7, 2013

Guys, @sylvia_browne knows she is a liar, fraud, and parasite. This is not news to her. You guys are the ones just now seeing that. Wake up.

— -J.(@DEATHxBLACKHOLE) May 7, 2013

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