Robert Reich disturbed by something called ‘indefensible wealth’!/RBReich/status/298575322188763137

@rbreich Indefensible wealth???

— Timothy Connolly CFA (@SconsetCapital) February 4, 2013

Yes, indefensible wealth. We’re pretty sure we don’t have it, and we’re certain if you asked him, former Labor Secretary Robert Reich would say he doesn’t have it either. His old boss might, but we’d need a little more information to know for sure.

[email protected]rbreich Define “indefensible wealth.” What is the dollar figure that marks indefensible wealth and why is one dollar less defensible?

— Rob Douglas (@RobDouglas3) February 4, 2013

@rbreich By what moral code do you claim the ability to judge another’s wealth as indefensible? Also, what was your gross income in 2012?

— Brent Mayberry (@brentito) February 4, 2013

@pearlypiper @rbreich Please define indefensible wealth? What’s the number? How much should we be allowed to earn?

— 30 Round Mag (@ShaneWright22) February 4, 2013

[email protected]rbreich @mleewelch So where do Igo to get this indefensible wealth? The Fed? Obama? Congress? Oh, that’s right, I’m small enough to fail

— Libagno (@Libagno) February 5, 2013

@rbreich and just what is indefensible wealth? Unless they made it robbing banks there is nothing to defend.

— Bruce Venable (@BruceVenable) February 5, 2013

Dear @rbreich & other communists: In a free society, private wealth should not have to be “defended”.…

— Matthew DesOrmeaux (@cynicusprime) February 5, 2013

How much do they pay Reich to teach this stuff at Berkeley? That might be where the “indefensible” bit comes in.

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