Rumor of the day: Justin Bieber to strip down to underwear for D&G ad!/MyCrushOnBieber/status/188211943318888448

We have no idea whether this rumor is true, but the mere hint of it has Twitter’s girls in paroxysms of joy:

Apparently Justin is going to do an underwear photoshoot with D&G. I swear, if this is true my ovaries will go through a massive eruption

— вєℓιєвєя ♡ (@HarpoBieber) April 6, 2012

If Justin is really doing a underwear photoshoot my ovaries will really explode I won't be able to handle the sexiness

— ash ✨ (@ashleyelizabxth) April 5, 2012

Justin Is doing an underwear photo shoot with D&G. oh. my. ovaries. I'm going to be so pissed If this Isn't true.

— Tiara Nida Yurida (@TiaraYurida) April 6, 2012

Omfg, rumor is that Justin is gonna be doing an underwear photoshoot? HOLD ONTO MY OVARIES BEFORE THEY EXPLODE.

— t (@justinspharrell) April 6, 2012

So apparently Justin will be doing an underwear photo shoot with D&G? Dear God, let this be true. Please

— Happy birthday Justy (@Lov3forjustin) April 6, 2012!/JDBiebersbiitch/status/188232640254590977

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