See This Lake In New Zealand? Well, The Last Photo Of It Will Seriously BLOW YOUR MIND. Just Look.

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In the middle of New Zealand, which is well-known as one of the most beautiful countries in the world, is a lake that will absolutely blow your mind. It’s known as the Blue Lake. The body of water is also known as Rotomairewhenua, and it holds the title of the world’s clearest lake. In 2011, the New Zealand’s National Institute of Water and Atmospheric Research (NIWA) proved that the Blue Lake is the clearest natural body of fresh water known to man. It’s as clear as distilled water. If you were to look from the surface downward, you would be able to see 80 meters down. It’s something that is so stunningly beautiful, it almost seems fake.

You’ll know the lake when you see it; it has violet-blue hues very rare in nature.

Blue Lake is fed by waters from nearby Lake Constance.

Local tribes view the lake as sacred, given how unique and pure it is.

It might be hard to imagine just HOW clear it is…

Until you see this.

Source: New Zealand The aquifers surrounding the lake and just how it is fed is why it can remain so clear. Not only that, but the Blue Lake is naturally clear of debris from the lack of canopy. This lake is a natural wonder.

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