Snort! Rep. Stockman slams Obama’s hypocrisy with snicker-worthy tweet!/SteveWorks4You/status/343211168241950721


The snicker-worthy tweet blasting President Obama for the NSA surveillance scandal was retweeted and favorited many times via Rep. Stockman’s other Twitter account as well.!/ReElectStockman/status/343211355349852162

On Saturday night, Twitchy brought you Rep. Stockman’s hilarious zinger aimed at MSNBC. The congressman’s Obama slam also received praise. And giggles!!/DannyAnathema/status/343366809187139588!/Patrovist/status/343214520203890688

Not just plain old truth:!/ZingLear/status/343471028284030979


Rep. Stockman then offered up some more food for thought.!/ReElectStockman/status/343221787821223936

Laser-like focus! On you, not on jobs.

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