Strapped for cash: Lawrence Taylor selling Super Bowl ring!/AdamSchefter/status/203165504582586368

Lawrence Taylor is hands down the best NFL linebacker to ever play the game of football and one of the most recognized sports figures of all time. Unfortunately his past athletic ability could never make up for his lack of legal and financial knowledge.

To give you a quick rundown of his legal problems in 1996 and 2009 he was arrested for leaving the scene of car accidents and not too long ago he was charged with felony third-degree statutory rape for sleeping with a 16-year-old prostitute.

Now the desperate, strapped for cash, Hall of Famer has been forced to auction off his 1991 Super Bowl ring.

The post-career train wreck that has been Lawrence Taylor continues in all of its glory.

— mike freeman (@mikefreemanNFL) May 17, 2012!/antstacks/status/203166064018862082

Lawrence Taylor is Auctioning off his superbowl ring to pay Lawyer fees.. Damn, that's pretty upsetting.

— Jeremy Dawson (@JDawson_NFL) May 17, 2012

Lawrence Taylor is selling his 1991 Super Bowl ring. See, save your money stop patronizing hookers smh

— Ashley Nicole (@girllovesports) May 17, 2012

Lawrence Taylor selling his Super Bowl ring. Gotta pay for crack & hookers somehow.

— Milan Jordan (@milanjordan) May 17, 2012

Lawrence Taylor auctioning off his SB ring. These players and musical ppl need to learn how invest and budget. Being broke Is popular now

— L-BQQGIE ⚡ (@AbstractPoetic1) May 17, 2012

While a few people felt bad, the majority of tweeps felt like Lawrence Taylor is getting what he deserves. It’s not like he’s lived his life like a Saint or anything…

Other Tweeters just turned the story into one big joke.

Lawrence Taylor is auctioning off the Super Bowl XXV ring he won with the 1990 NY Giants. The question is what did LeBron James bid? #Heat

— Michael Scotto (@MikeAScotto) May 17, 2012

Lawrence Taylor is auctioning off one of his Super Bowl rings. Rex Ryan, lay out the cash and fullfill that guarantee of getting one.

— Peyton's Head (@PeytonsHead) May 17, 2012

Lawrence Taylor is auctioning off his Super Bowl XXV ring. Thus far, the highest bid came from a man named Tony R. based out of Dallas, TX.

— Not Bill Walton (@NotBillWalton) May 17, 2012

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