These 18 Pranks Are Ingeniously Evil. #2 Is Hilarious, But #14… LOLOL.

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Pranks are amazingly funny. We can’t get enough of them and we seriously get lost on YouTube and the Internet for hours just searching for the perfect ones to show you. Which of course is totally worth it. Well that effort has paid off once again, because now we have these 18 evil yet hilarious pranks that you’ll have no choice but to try out on unsuspecting friends, strangers, and otherwise. Check them out.

1. Ready to pounce?

2. “Revenge is a dish best served as cat food.”

3. Grrrr.

4. That’s not right.

5. Genius?

6. She’s going to smack you!


8. Just… awesome.

9. Now that’s mean. But… YES.

10. HAHA.

11. You’d fall for this too I bet.

12. We totally did this as kids.

13. Yup.

14. Instigator-In-Chief

15. Nice!

16. That’s going to be awfully funny.

17. LOL.


I’m totally doing them all. My friends will soon… probably not be my friends.

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