These 23 Ad Placements Are So Terrible, But So Hilarious. I Can’t Stop Laughing.

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Creating the perfect advertisement is extremely tricky. Even creating one that is just average (and unoffensive to the majority of people) can be difficult. That’s why the most important creative people at famous advertising firms make so much money. It’s an important job. Convincing people to spend their money isn’t easy. Because of that level of difficulty, it’s easy to understand why companies sometimes miss the mark with their ads… but these ads are just ridiculous. How did no one foresee this would happen??

1.) Kids… quit school today.

2.) Too soon?

3.) No wonder they’re so shocked.

4.) I think you’re being a little insensitive, lady.

5.) Ewwwwwwwwww.

6.) That phone is a huge jerk.

7.) Please don’t dump your babies. Please and thank you.

8.) … unless he beat you.

9.) I don’t know whether to LOL or be scared. Either way, it looks like a great movie.

10.) I could go for a cup of coffee right about now.

11.) Ma’am, please stop touching that door handle.

12.) I was a believer for about 2 seconds.

13.) Ah yes. The welcoming arms of Jesus… and his cat.

14.) Speaking of death…

15.) Hey guys, did you ride the slut yet?

16.) Yes. Yes it is.

17.) That was nearly nice.

18.) HM, I wonder why.

19.) I didn’t see it… but then I looked at the bottom.

20.) No, no, no, no.

21.) SOMEONE is a little outspoken. (I’m looking at you, sign.)

22.) This bus is really sending me mixed messages.

23.) Hey, I found them.

You win some, you lose some, you accidentally make an innocent ad inappropriate with some. It’s pretty normal (but downright hilarious). If more commercials and billboards had this sense of humor, even if it was accidental, I wouldn’t mind advertisements so much. Share the hilarity with others by clicking on the Share button below!

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