These 25 Kids Know The Secret To True Love. Follow Their Lead!

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Are you a true romantic at heart? Do you think you were born with a special gene to love others? Well, if you’re like these 25 kids, you’re totally right. From dancing their way into our hearts, to writing the cutest love letters of all time, they prove that they know the secret to true love. 

If you want to be in love, just follow their lead.

1.) Every girls’ heart melts at a guy who can dance.

2.) Happy wife, happy life.

3.) Looking too cool for school while waiting for your woman. Nice.

4.) Haha, this is incredibly cute even if I don’t get it.

5.) Kids, this is what we did before texting.

6.) They’ll learn it’s not quite this easy one day.

7.) Starting at an earlyyyyy age!

8.) Priorities!

9.) HAHAHA. There’s a weird logic to this.

10.) Dance ability AND musician. True love.

11.) Nerd love. Guys, take notice, this is how you do it right.

12.) This kid is quickly going to learn how to use “private browsing”.

13.) GENIUS.

14.) Yep. Maybe this kid didn’t handle it quite right?

15.) Well, at least he KNOWS she’s not his true love. Accomplishment!

16.) Key to true love is playing hard to get apparently.

17.) Grab true love by the horns and pay the consequences.

18.) This is when we look back years later and wonder how hard our teachers laughed.

19.) Well, at least SOME, right?

20.) He even put a RING on it, and still nothing!

21.) LOLOL.

22.) Too smooth bro, too smooth.

23.) Master P would be proud.

24.) Caring is the first step to love.

25.) If Steven doesn’t think this is the cutest, well….he must have cooties.

26.) Feats of talent will always prove your love!

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Are you inspired to fall in love yet? If you have any trouble, just do what these kids did: be honest and speak from your heart. Be sure to share these hilarious proofs of love with your friends using the buttons below. They’ll be sure to laugh!

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