These responses to Harry Reid’s latest idiocy will make you snicker


Jobs, schmobs! Sen. Reid has idiocy to spew. Since it is a day ending in “y” and all. Check out his latest:!/SenatorReid/status/491949114369003520


Citizens helpfully schooled the cuckoo pants Reid.!/liars_never_win/status/491951207200473088!/TheRealBepo/status/491975442060943360!/justingoodman_c/status/491979389530165248!/ThePantau/status/491957189855440898


Giggling madly.

This Twitter user summed it up with two words:!/michael_marrow/status/491951675234873344


Breaking developments in Sen. Reid pederast scandal; Reid camp to Ace of Spades HQ: Allegations are ‘cute,’ refuses to deny

Twitchy coverage of Harry Reid

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