This Jaden Smith Tweet Holds The Answer To Dress Gate

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Think about it…

1. Updated — Feb. 27, 5:40 p.m., ET

2. So, you’ve seen The Dress at this point.

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3. And how it’s tearing people apart.

Ruining friendships color by color.

— official_dress (@The Dress)

7. Jaden Smith himself has even weighed in on the debate.

I’m Seeing Blue And Black, As Of Now

— officialjaden (@Jaden Smith)

8. But there’s a very important piece of information we’ve overlooked.

9. The real answer lies in this Jaden Smith tweet/thought/philosophy from 2013:

How Can Mirrors Be Real If Our Eyes Aren’t Real

— officialjaden (@Jaden Smith)

10. Think about it…

11. As of Friday, Jaden Smith has even *more* thoughts on The Dress.

12. And he might be onto something here.

There Is No Dress.

— officialjaden (@Jaden Smith)

h/t Amber Gordon who retweeted this Jaden Smith tweet in the wake of #DressGate2015

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