This Looks Like A Normal House In Nepal. Until You See Who Lives There.

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Devi Budhathoki is a real-life werewolf. Or, at least, she has werewolf syndrome, which is a real condition. The 38 year-old woman from Nepal and three of her children (Mandira, Niraj and Manjura) suffer from a rare disease that causes extra hair to grow all over their bodies… making them look like werewolves.

Devi and her children suffer from a condition known as “werewolf syndrome.”

Its technical term is “Congenital Hypertrichosis Lanuginosa.”

Since the Middle Ages, only 50 people have been documented having the disease.

Only 34 cases were adequately documented.

Devi’s family lives in a remote village in Nepal.

But her children faced bullying every day because of their appearance.

She didn’t want them to suffer just because of their genetics.

So, she decided to travel to Kathmandu with them to get treatment.

The doctors could remove the excess hair.

After the treatment, the children would have new faces.

And new lives.

The procedures were non-invasive.

The goal was to remove the extra hair, leaving skin smooth where it should be.

Devi and her children after the procedure: hair-free and happy.

It’s sad that these children had to resort to extreme measures to feel normal, but sometimes, being like everyone else is priceless.


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