This Man Hadn’t Played The Piano For 23 Years. When He Finally Did, Magic Happened.

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Fabio stopped playing the piano after his father died 23 years ago. He didn’t find the joy in it at the time, which is a real shame since he was so talented and even composed music. As time went on, he became more afraid of playing again since it had been so long.

His cousin, Prisco Vicidomini, recently visited Fabio, who told him that he found the courage to play the piano again and that he hadn’t lost his touch. Fabio sat down to show his cousin and decided to play a melody he composed. He played a dozen times since starting up again, so Prisco didn’t know what to expect. What he heard left him completely in awe.


(Source: Prisco Vicidomini)

That sounded beautiful. Prisco tells us that Fabio wants to finally fulfill his childhood dream of studying music, but is still afraid to do so after so many years. Prisco feels the moment they shared might push him to overcome his fears and to move in the right direction.

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