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After a controversial interview in which CNN’s Soledad O’Brien attacked’s Joel Pollack as uninformed on Critical Race Theory, many critics took to twitter to complain about Soledad’s bias. So Soledad did another segment on CNN this morning with a liberal professor Dorothy Brown, which again claimed that Joel Pollack was wrong. Check out the video of the segment from Breitbart TV.

conservative critics weren’t satisfied at all with that segment, either. The Right Sphere even pointed out that Professor Brown’s book contradicts what she and Soledad said on CNN. So when Soledad told everybody to stop tweeting her about Critical Race Theory at the end of the segment, you can imagine how that went over. Not well.

Here are the top 20 #stoptweetingSoledad tweets:

So poor, little @Soledad_OBrien wants us to #stoptweetingSoledad – Sorry, cupcake. It's time to #vetthemedia

— Dee In Houston (@DeeInHouston) March 12, 2012

#stoptweetingSoledad ? How bout do your job Soledad? #VetTheMedia #VetThePrez

— Jo (@JDtheBard) March 12, 2012!/PamelaSeley/status/179357331023331328

@benshapiro @Soledad_OBrien Poor baby, not used to the truth…. like sunshine to a vampire….#stoptweetingSoledad

— Steve Grochowsky (@SGrochowsky) March 13, 2012

Hey @Soledad_OBrien if I can't tweet you about CRT can I still tweet to say you're a water-carrying liberal hack? #stoptweetingsoledad

— Mike McNally (@notoserfdom) March 12, 2012

Hey, #StopTweetingSoledad! It's not like @Soledad_OBrien had guest lie about Critical Race Theory today. Oh, wait.

— Ben Shapiro (@benshapiro) March 12, 2012!/tropicaljames/status/179342362747736064

I'm sorry @Soledad_OBrien but you seem confused. Maybe u can get some answers on Wikipedia. #stoptweetingSoledad

— John R. Williams (@JohnWillyams) March 12, 2012

Eric Holder and Soledad O'Brien in desperate race to win People Magazine's Least Knowledgeable Person Award. #stoptweetingSoledad

— Wendy♣ (@WBVT_98FM) March 12, 2012

I wonder if Soledad O'Brien feels bad about whacking Megyn Kelly as cluelessly childless. #StopTweetingSoledad

— Tim Graham (@TimJGraham) March 12, 2012!/bobbathehut/status/179312447834951680

.@Soledad_OBrien:So secure in her take that she pleads everyone #StopTweetingSoledad.She'd hate for facts to get in the way of her feelings.

— Stevie J. West (@StevieJWest) March 12, 2012

#StopTweetingSoledad looks like more people are tweeting @Soledad_OBrien than watching her, looking @ the ratings. #tcot

— Mike (@mrjc1) March 12, 2012

@Soledad_OBrien My mom taught me to think before you speak. You should try it! #stoptweetingsoledad

— Trina Barnes (@TrinaTerminator) March 12, 2012

If you think critical race theory makes a lick of sense, #YouMightBeALiberal or a cnn anchor #StopTweetingSoledad

— Founding Ideals (@founding_ideals) March 12, 2012

Stop Tweeting @Soledad_OBrien. I mean it. #StopTweetingSoledad

— AoSHQ (@AoSHQ) March 13, 2012

#StopTweetingSoledad It isn't fair to pick on the shill. #tcot #p2

— Chris Coon (@Coondawg68) March 13, 2012

I'm afraid if we don't #stoptweetingsoledad she might do something crazy…like tell the truth! #deadcredibility #vetthemedia

— @christophil (@christophil) March 13, 2012

Please stop Tweeting @Soledad_OBrien. I'm serious, damnit! She's just a news reader. She doesn't know anything! #StopTweetingSoledad

— Martin K (@Johnny_Layabout) March 13, 2012

A lib hack, a Dem shill and a CNN anchor walk into a bar. The bartender asks " What can I get you @Soledad_Obrien ? " #stoptweetingSoledad

— Han Yolo (@MCHblazer) March 13, 2012

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