Turkish politician finds silver lining in ISIS beheadings

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The tweet has been deleted — and we don’t speak Turkish — but according to numerous Twitter users, Emrullah İşler, the former deputy Prime Minister of Turkey, really did say that.

See this: #Turkey #AKP Gov'ts Vice PM: "#ISIS kills, but at least "does not" torture" – He later deleted the tweet. pic.twitter.com/G9lvI0aoKb

— Kgthetweet (@Kgthetweet) October 8, 2014

Turkey akp mp Emrullah İşler: #ISIS does not torture anyone, just kills them which is better @CNN @BBCWorld @RT_com pic.twitter.com/tCCCu4V4uj

— Asian Kurdish People (@AsianKurds) October 8, 2014

"ISIS kills but does not torture" Turkey's former deputy PM & AKP MP Emrullah İşler's praise for humane slaughter! pic.twitter.com/lsrMZFT969

— Aykan Erdemir MP (@aykan_erdemir) October 8, 2014

"Islamic State kill the people but at least they don't torture them." Emrullah Isler – Vice Prime Minister of Turkey)

— Aydın Aksu (@aydinaksu) October 8, 2014

Turkey's gov't party MP Emrullah Isler tweets, ISIS is better than PKK because "at least they don't torture"

— Fercan Yalinkilic (@FercanY) October 8, 2014

Today’s Zaman translates İşler’s comments as follows:

“What was the crime of the youth who died after he was struck by stones in the head? Even ISIL cannot hold a candle to those who did this. ISIL also kills, but at least does not torture.”

İşler posted the tweet after Kurdistan Workers’ Party (PKK) sympathizers reportedly “threw stones on the head of a 16-year-old teeenager, leading to his death.”

Read more: http://twitchy.com/2014/10/08/former-deputy-prime-minister-of-turkey-finds-silver-lining-in-isis-beheadings/

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