Viewers rip NBC for cutting away from a tennis match!/CAlvarezAranyos/status/208998661064114178

NBC decided to cut away from the French Open in order to show a track and field competition. That move has angered many viewers.

Amen. RT @BenRothenberg Tennis deserves way, way better than what NBC has given it for the last decade. #RG12

— Kyle Veazey (@kyleveazey) June 2, 2012

As a NYR fan, I already know NBC Sports coverage sucks, but cutting to track & field instead of showing the end of Woz v. Kanepi? Horrible.

— Kat (@Katallion) June 2, 2012

@nicklester Bailing right at end of potential Wozniacki upset at French Open? NBC Sports has no respect for tennis. Thankful for RG radio!

— Jeff McKown (@waythingsturn) June 2, 2012

NBC should have continued coverage of Wozniacki match that's bad of them. If it was another sport they would've extended coverage

— BIG Wilk (@Tennismann09) June 2, 2012

@BenRothenberg no, where can u watch it? is Wozzy still playing. Freaking NBC. #FAIL.

— Brinke Guthrie (@brinkeguthrie) June 2, 2012

Is NBC going to pull this stuff on finals weekend as well?

— Jelena Subotic (@suboticjelena) June 2, 2012

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