What This Dad Is Letting His Daughter Do Makes Him My New Hero

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The hit movie of the summer was the blockbuster Jurassic World. Since its release, kids and adults everywhere are, once again, obsessed wtih dinosaurs. Everything dino-related has found a resurgence in popularity. People have rekindled their love with the ancient animals and they have no qualms about showing it.

This dad, however, is taking it a bit further. The Imgur user bought an inflatable T-rex costume and is taking his daughter everywhere with it on. And when we say everywhere, we mean everywhere.

From the parking lot…

Front Page Edit: Due to everyone's open acceptance of Dino Dad I can finally come out to the world! I'm tyranno-sexual! Thank you all!:PSeriously though. imgur inspired me to write a kids book this year to help educate young kids on how to responsibly use all the devices that are thrust upon them so early. It's just a silly book about not staring at screens all day when you're that young. I'm looking for a illustrator if anyone's interested and has the skills. Here is a lil addicted imgurian I had commissioned: <a class="imgur-image" data-hash="g57qFWA" href="//i.imgur.com/g57qFWA.jpg">http://i.imgur.com/g57qFWA.jpg</a> All the characters are giraffe people. REPRESENT! PM me if you want to work with DINO DAD!

…To the basketball courts…

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…To the bowling alley…

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…To the TV store…

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…To the winter hills.

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This might be the best idea I have ever seen. I’d walk around in this inflatable dinosaur outfit, even without kids.

Keep doing what you’re doing, DinoDad!

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