What This Guy Did For His Dog Might Just Inspire You To Do The Same

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If you have fur babies, then you’re probably no stranger to spoiling them rotten.

Whether you lavish them with squeaky toys, invest in fancy beds, or keep stockpiles of their favorite snacks on hand, you most likely go above and beyond for your four-legged friends. My dog, for example, waits for her puny human (read: me) to carry her up and down steps and give her chewies at the exact same time every day…or else.

And I have a sneaking suspicion that if she saw this project, she’d force me to go out and buy a motorcycle. Fellow dog lover dealsgaprider decided to create a trailer for his pup so that she could share his love of the open road.

As you might imagine, a ton of planning went into this project before he even thought about building it.

After all, you can’t build a house without some solid blueprints.

Using half-inch birch plywood, he constructed the frame. Because he did so much planning, everything fit together perfectly!

The shell was built out of aluminum composite, which is lightweight but still sturdy.

He attached boards to the bottom so he could mount the axle. The aluminum pipe up the middle would eventually serve as the tongue.

The crafter headed to a local boat junkyard to find waterproof windows he could repurpose without spending a ton.

With a new coat of paint and a little sanding, it looked good as new!

Then he used a jigsaw to cut a window hole in the aluminum shell.

After that, he had to fit the tongue to the motorcycle.

Maggie, his faithful friend, got involved for this step! He agonized over the logistics when it came to creating a hole for her head, so she had to sit inside while Dad figured out what placement would work best for her.

She was more than happy to help.

He cut a bit of Lexan to make the door.

To create casing for the tail lights, he used thin aluminum so that he could tweak them for the perfect fit.

Bondo was used to attach these casings to the shell.

Just in case they ever got caught in the rain, he created a waterproof cover for the head hole.

Because he used Lexan again, it took quite a bit of finagling to shape it.

When Maggie was getting out of the trailer one day, her dad noticed that she kept looking for a step, so he went ahead and made her one!

He added some foam between the wooden ribs on the inside for insulation and filled any gaps with foam spray.

After that, this baby got a fresh coat of paint.

Looks pretty cool, right?

It looks professionally made if you ask me.

To create the bumper, he used a bit more aluminum composite and gave it a mirrored finish.

At that point, he was ready to add the door.

Then he installed the window, which was sealed with silicone.

He mapped the upholstery out on paper.

This portion of the project proved once again that planning is everything!

The crafter used foam and vinyl to make some comfy cushions.

Maggie was about to be livin’ large!

For the pup’s safety and comfort, he went ahead and added temperature gauges and cameras to keep an eye on his favorite girl!

I mean…it doesn’t get cooler than this, people.

Maggie’s just out here living the dream.

How badass is that?

For full instructions, be sure to check out dealsgaprider’s original post!

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