When Recreating Cute Baby Photography Goes Very, Very Wrong… LOL, #4 Is Hysterical.

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Photography is much harder than most laymen think… especially when it involves children. You can’t force babies or little kids to do what you want. (It’s hard enough getting adults to do the right thing during photo shoots.) So when these parents tried to re-create adorable Pinterest photos with their poor, defenseless children? Well, things got pretty hilarious. When these kids grow up, they’ll never forgive their moms and dads. (But we’re looking at you, moms.)

1.) Get the icing out of that poor baby’s eyes.

2.) Almost cute… almost.


4.) That baby is naturally graceful.

5.) He gave up on it before we did.

6.) That almost worked.

7.) Kudos to dad for lifting them all.

8.) Frosty the GRUMPMAN.

9.) Baby no like squishy.

10.) Even the Pinterest baby doesn’t like this.

11.) Both babies seem bewildered.

12.) “Uh, guys? I’m naked.”

13.) Quit putting Christmas lights on your baby.

14.) Seriously.

15.) STOP IT.

16.) Just STAHP.

17.) Your Christmas card… foiled again by a baby.

18.) Well, at least they had fun.

19.) Why don’t you try sitting in a squishy vegetable.

20.) You’d cry, too.

21.) Seriously, stop putting your babies in pumpkins.


23.) … close, but no cigar!

Lesson learned: don’t carve up a pumpkin and put a baby inside. The little angel will cry. No matter what. Share these hilarious photo fails with others and click below!

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