Yes, That Is The Entrance To This Guy’s House. And No, He’s Not A Beggar… He’s Just Awesome.

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Dan Price is a man who has dedicated his life to creating art and living a very simple life for over 20 years. To most people, that might not sound very tempting, but when you see where he does it you may change your mind. Dan is known as the Hobbit Man. That’s because he lives in his own “hobbit hole,” a tiny house that he built in the ground. Don’t scoff or judge, because this house is actually very awesome.

The little door you see here? It’s the entry way to the hobbit hole of Dan Price, a.k.a., Hobo Artist.

Don’t be deceived by the setup and stone patio, this tiny house is literally just a hole in the ground.

Getting in and out is a bit tricky.

The small house is located in the ground, much like a hobbit’s from The Lord Of The Rings.

Inside, the small dimensions of the rooms make the house incredibly cozy.

Every inch of space seems to be utilized on the inside.

When Dan is here, he’s at one with nature.

He doesn’t even seem to mind the cramped quarters.

There’s enough space for his simple life.

And you have to admit, living here would be peaceful.

Living in the woods of Oregon has given Dan a live of contentment, peace and art. He isn’t bothered by the hustle and bustle of daily life. To learn more about Dan and his hobbit hole, watch this interview with him. It’s hard to believe how small this house is.


Source: Moonlight Chronicles Tiny houses are so cool… and this one may be the tiniest yet. Share it with others!

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