You’ve got mail (but not on Saturdays): USPS cutting back delivery schedule!/RunGomez/status/299130634813730816

USPS will announce today the ending of Saturday first class mail by August, @cbsthismorning reports exclusively.

— Geoffrey Sorensen (@GSorensen) February 6, 2013

The failing United States Postal Service will announce today that Saturday delivery of first-class mail will be eliminated in August for a predicted annual savings of $2 billion, a fraction of what the USPS lost in 2012.

Why does the postal service say it’s so cash-strapped? In the past, it’s been blamed on you darn kids and your Internets. (And also the recession, but mostly, get off the USPS’ lawn, whippersnappers.)

#Failward – Citing a “crushing economic recession” and internet, US Postal Servicesuspends Saturday mail delivery.…

— WTF? (@stevenferre) February 6, 2013

Packages will still be delivered on Saturdays.

AP: USPS plans to stop mail delivery on Saturdays starting in Aug. Will still deliver packages. Cost savings: $2 billion.

— Dan Shaffer (@danshaffer28) February 6, 2013


Netflix customers are already making plans.

USPS is stopping mail on Saturdays which means 1-2 less movies from Netflix for me each month

— Jeremy (@JermHawk) February 6, 2013

The USPS has just announced no more Saturday mail service, starting in August. Begin adjusting your Netflix queue schedules accordingly.

— Jarrod Tiede (@TeedleJay) February 6, 2013

Well now that USPS is ending mail on Saturdays, I’ll have to order my @netflix disc a day earlier

— Will C (@wheelsee) February 6, 2013

But some people are OK with the news.

What am I going to do without my random three pieces of junk mail that I get every Saturday?#USPS

— Eli Jordan (@TheEliJordan) February 6, 2013

Yay, no more bills delivered on Saturday !!!#USPS

— Diane (@Whizzer78) February 6, 2013

Prolly in the minority but I’ve been wanting the broke USPS to cut Saturday mail for ages. One less day to open my mailbox to find bills.

— Sandra Park (@accidentalcharm) February 6, 2013

No need for Saturday mail. Hell, no need for Tuesday and Thursday mail.

— Melissa Clouthier (@MelissaTweets) February 6, 2013

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