Faulty data stations cloud IMD weather predictions

At least a quarter of the India Meteorological Department (IMD)’s recently installed rain gauges and Automatic Weather Stations (AWS), meant to supply hourly weather data from across the country, are Read more: http://www.thehindu.com/news/national/faulty-data-stations-cloud-imd-weather-predictions/article8986710.ece?utm_source=RSS_Feed&utm_medium=RSS&utm_campaign=RSS_Syndication


These Viral Pictures Of People With Two Irises Are Definitely Fake

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But it doesn’t mean they’re not still creepy as hell. A lot of people on the internet have been freaking out over a (not real) condition called “Pupula Duplex.” Двойной зрачок (The Pupula duplex) — медиц.ÑтранноÑÑ‚ÑŒ, характеризующаÑÑÑ Ð½Ð°Ð»Ð¸Ñ‡Ð¸ÐµÐ¼ 2-Ñ… зрачков в одном глазном Ñблоке. — eventis07 (@Even) Rough translation: “Double pupil (The Pupula duplex). Characterized […]


Tamera Mowry-Housley tweets VP debate; bigots mock white Fox journo hubby

http://twitter.com/#!/ItsMe_PhaeB/status/256600406942183424 Actress Tamera Mowry-Housley tweeted this earlier tonight: Note that she made no mention of her political preferences. Absolutely none.  Yet, her innocuous tweet and retweet caused a firestorm from some unhinged Obama supporters who attacked Mowry-Housley as a sellout to her race and a Romney shill. sister sister are republicans? lmfao — ^_^ (@juhneda) October […]


Willis McGahee lashes out at reporter for false allegations

http://twitter.com/#!/LesShapiro/status/207892282416955393 @WillisMcGahee Where are you? Everybody's wondering. — Les Shapiro (@LesShapiro) May 30, 2012 When Willis McGahee saw these tweets from reporter Les Shapiro, the Denver Broncos running back was NOT at all happy to say the least. McGahee obviously wasn’t present at OTAs, but it wasn’t because he was in Vegas like Mr. Shapiro […]


50 Surprising Facts In Black Music History

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James Brown’s dance moves don’t mean what you think they mean. View this image › Kevin Winter / Getty Images 1. Prince reportedly sent Weird Al Yankovic a telegram back in 1986, commanding the comedian to avoid eye contact with him during the entirety of the American Music Awards show. 2. Though little was known […]