15 People Who Had One Job…And Totally Blew It

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If you’re not new to the planet, you probably know that for every 20 people who have jobs, about 14 of them are painfully, painfully underqualified. It’s just how adult life works, and even though we all have bad days, there are some people who go above and beyond the call of duty when it comes to doing zero things right.

To honor all of the folks out there for whom one job is far too many, check these out.

1. Your move.

2. I have nothing but hate in my heart for the monster that created this.

3. I think the cross street here is probably Crippling Disappointment.

4. Now all the car has to do is never leave.

5. It’s not irritatingly difficult to stage these photos or anything, so it’s fine.

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6. They had one job, and a whole wall. A whole wall.

7. It’s like street art, except poop.

8. Some people just wanna watch the world burn.

9. A sideways glance will be the least of your worries.

10. Work harder, not smarter.

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11. Lists like this get really depressing when a person’s “one job” involves branding people forever.

12. Drag that gender binary, Disney! Or just get that packaging situation under control.

13. It might be time to take that sign down.

14. Forevere and evere.

15. Pro tip: you don’t need to test that phone, because they’re all tied for worst.

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Even if you’re having a terrible day at work, just remember that you didn’t build a ladder right onto someone’s house or create the staircase from Hell. Small victories, friends.

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