17 Pets Who Truly Know How To Embrace Their ‘Irish’ Roots On St. Patrick’s Day

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You don’t have to be Irish to enjoy St. Patrick’s Day.

Just don something green, grab a beer, and join in on the festivities. If you’re thinking of going all-out this year, take a bit of inspiration from these adorable pets…they really know how to have fun come March 17.

Then again, a few of them might have gone a little overboard, don’t you think?

1. “I canNOT wait to show everyone my bow tie!”

2. “I was born ready for St. Patty’s Day.”

3. Creatures big and small can get involved.

4. “Try to pinch me one more time.”

5. Best seats in the house!

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6. “Jump on — we can ride the parade route together!”

7. “My hat is better than yours!”

8. Does it get more Irish than a redhead in a bed of clovers?

9. “It’s my time to shine, ma!”

10. “Donna, not cool.” “Yeah, Donna, this isn’t okay.”

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11. Those parades are exhausting.

12. Even labradors become Irish setters on St. Patrick’s Day.

13. The next day…

14. “Why did I have that fifth whiskey?”

15. “Just leave me here to die a slow hungover death.”

16. “Remind me why I have to get up?”

17. “Shhhhh…no words.”

Take a cue from these guys and celebrate the holiday the right way…just maybe don’t go quite as overboard as they did.

How will you be celebrating this year?

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