18 Things You Definitely Should NOT Give Your Lover On Valentine’s Day

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Unfortunately, Valentine’s Day can be a “make or break” time of year for most couples.

If you get an appropriate and awesome gift for your significant other, you are a superstar in their eyes. Anything less and you are most likely in the dog house.

So if you want to avoid sleeping on the couch for a bit, do NOT get these gifts for your Valentine.

1. For all of those Valentine’s Day messes.

2. This cigarette holder for 2.

3. Name a roach after your loved one, I guess?

4. This portable privacy dome allows you to make out wherever you are.

And look like creeps while doing it.

5. This isn’t what she meant when she said, “Put a ring on it.”

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6. Nothing more romantic than filing for divorce.

7. Oh, this is just cruel.

Womp, womp.

8. Get your lover some really weird duvet covers.

9. “I think it’s time we start thinking about our future.”

10. Smitten mittens. So cute they make you want to puke.

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11. A little potty humor never hurt anyone on Valentine’s Day

12. Shirts that let you know exactly how lonely you are for most of the day.

13. Don’t make this card for a person you love. Ever.

Unless you love Nicolas Cage.

14. More like “Uncomfortable-ies.”

15. You can get your lover’s face made into a terrifying chocolate.

16. This is a manly man’s Valentine’s Day present.

17. Gotta have fresh breath when you plant a smooch on your other half.

18. No. NO. NO! NO!!!

(via BuzzFeed)

Now that you know what NOT to buy, umm…just buy some chocolates or something for your lover. You can never go wrong with chocolates. Who doesn’t love chocolate?!

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