20 Yummy Ways To Use All Those Candy Canes You Have Floating Around During Christmas

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Candy canes are to Christmas what candy corn is to Halloween.

Once our calendars strike December, the stores are flooded with boxes of them. While the candy confection might be perfectly shaped to hang off your tree, what exactly do you do with those edible ornaments once everything’s been packed away for another year?

You could eat your leftover candy canes as is, or you could try your hand at making a series of minty treats that your family will be begging for well after Christmas has come and gone. Here are 20 delicious recipes that will help you transform your candy cane stockpile into tasty treats.

1. One bite of these white chocolate candy cane cookies and they’ll become your new Christmas cookie must have.

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2. Candy canes aren’t just a decorative addition to these snowball treats. There’s peppermint goodness in every bite.

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