21 Genius Shoe Tricks That Will Change How You Wear Your Kicks For Good

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I have more shoes than I’d care to admit, but that’s just because of one thing — I believe they make something ugly beautiful.

But often, that beauty comes at a cost in the form of sweaty feet, painful blisters, and ugly scuffs.

Thankfully, there are simple fixes to all of these problems. Read on to find out these helpful shoe life hacks along with some bonus DIY makeover tutorials for your worn-out kicks.

1. Spray your heel with hairspray to prevent it from sliding out of your shoe.

2. Make your own wool liner inserts to keep your toes warm all year long.

3. Buff away stains on your suede shoes with just a nail file.

4. Make sure your boots never lose their shape by inserting a pool noodle in the leg.

5. When traveling, pack fragile items like sunglasses and electronics in sturdier shoes (like boots and sneakers) to protect them.

6. Get rid of scuffs on the rubber part of shoes with just a bit of nail polish remover.

7. Shoes a size too small? Put thick socks on with them and blow dry the outside to stretch them out.

8. You can also put a Ziploc bag with some water in the shoe and freeze it.

The water will expand causing the shoe to stretch.

9. Never get painful blisters from high heels again when you wrap your third and fourth toe on each foot with medical tape.

10. Don’t stuff soggy shoes with paper towels — newspaper is far more effective.

11. If your feet get sweaty when you don’t wear socks, put a panty liner in your shoe to absorb all that moisture.

12. You can also just put some deodorant on your feet — as weird as that sounds.

13. Avoid the awkward slipping and sliding act the happens when you wear new shoes with smooth soles — sand them down a little for friction.

14. Use Windex to clean your patent leather shoes.

15. Here’s how to solve all your shoe problems, simply by tying your laces a new way.

16. Give plain sneakers a sparkly update with some glue and glitter.

17. You can also just glue on some studs.

18. Or, give boring pumps a new look with some fun fabric.

19. Create custom stickers for the bottom of your shoes.

20. Give pumps a festive update with cute bows.

21. These adorable tassels add just the right amount of boho to your sandals.

This is me right now — these make me so happy.

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