22 Kids Who Have Their Priorities Straight

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To do list: 1) Get a girlfriend. 2) Kiss her. 3) Rule the world.”

1. This 8-year-old who professed his one true love in this essay.

2. This kid who only wanted one damn thing.

3. Rachel, who demanded a boyfriend that respects her.

4. Logan, who had two very good reasons to spend $100 on a desk.

5. This kid who just wanted the money straight up.

6. This kid who was truly grateful for salted snacks.

7. This 6-year-old who had a pretty reasonable list of wishes.

8. This kid who made us all rethink our own ideas of a perfect life.

9. This kid whose teacher couldn’t handle the truth they laid down.

10. Coby, who really summed up the essence of what it’s like to be leader of the free world.

11. Angela S., who mastered the polite introduction to a letter.

12. Mason, who summed himself up in one relatable sentence.

13. This kid who knew exactly what to be thankful for.

14. This kid who knew what the most important quality was in a friend.

15. This kid who knew that he should write down all the important things he wanted to achieve in an organised list.

To do list.
Play video games,
Make straight A’s,
Be lucky,
Play video games,
Talk to brother,
Blame sister for doing stuff.

16. This 6-year-old who had plans to be the richest ninja ever.

17. This kid who had a three-point action plan.

18. This kid who proved romance isn’t dead.

19. This kid who brought Martin Luther King’s speech right into the 21st century.

20. This kid who wanted a fair reward for his hard work.

21. Christian, who valued his mother for all the right reasons.

22. This kid who voiced everyone’s past dreams.

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